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Tolagon Description

A child raised in secret; hidden inside him is a power that could change everything....

Crix’s past is about to collide with his future. His past contains murdered parents, a destroyed home, and the burden of safeguarding an artifact of unimaginable strength. The future sparks when a black spaceship crashes nearby.

Compelled by curiosity, he’s determined to investigate the ship. Thrust into a sudden race for survival, he must search for answers within himself as he comes face-to-face with the Marcks, a robotic military force that has an iron-fisted grip on the system.

Time is running out; hope is running low. Will he trust the beautiful Kerriah with her unique gifts? Can he discover the truth in the shadows of the past? Will he be able to contain the power inside himself and keep it safe from those that wish to exploit it? 

Crix is learning he can’t run forever. Could he harness the power of the orb and rise up against an army? Or, will it lead to certain death?

With no easy answers, Crix must make life-and-death decisions and live with potentially dire consequences.

Learn more about the different species and locations in this story! 


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