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The Z Virus Vol. 01 and 02 (2 Comics Set) Description

The Best Zombie Comic Series Around!

The Z Virus Vol. 01: Bunker Fever
An apocalyptic book based on The Z Virus video series of survival when a deadly virus from a meteor turns the earth into a zombie infested world no one could have ever imagined. Follow the main characters as they try to survive this new zombie apocalypse. There are many twists and turns, cliff-hangers and missions these survivors with go through to find the ultimate cause, cure, and eradication of The Z Virus - or will they?

The Z Virus Vol. 02: Uninvited Guests
In volume 02 we meet the Johnsons, a family of doomsday preppers that were prepared for the impending meteor strike. As they hold up in their Twin Pines Ranch bunker they decide it's time to investigate the outside world. There's been no word from David Wilson holed up at the high school bunker.

If you love zombies, comics, and a series that is based on a real video series, you will love The Z Virus!

Click that order button about to get started on this fun and suspense filled series.

©2018 Rick Jenkins (P)2018 Rick Jenkins
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