The World Is Waiting

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The World Is Waiting: Book One Description

Moved across the country with only her mom and little brother, Ally finds herself alone and miserable. Ally had always lived a charmed life, but the life she had long taken for granted has been shattered. For the first time, Ally learns that in the blink of an eye, everything can change. With no friends, no idea how to fit in, and no idea how to turn her disaster-of-a-new-life around, Ally wonders how much longer she can endure the pain. Until Deedee.

Travel alongside Ally as she meets an unlikely companion who invites her into a magical world filled with 27 diverse and interesting talking animals. Ally's tour guide through this unexpected new world is Deidra, a fast-talking, quick-witted duck who prefers to be called Deedee.

Together, Ally and Deedee embark upon astonishing journeys and discoveries. As they develop an unbreakable friendship, Deedee's enthusiasm and zest for life gives Ally newfound hope and encouragement to face her challenges head-on. Deedee's charm, intelligence, and wisdom inspire Ally to rethink her life, open her heart and mind, and celebrate the beautiful and magnificent things life has to offer. Together, Deedee and Ally learn some of life's universal lessons—most importantly, that because life is so short, we must triumph over pain and heartache and seize each moment of friendship, joy, laughter, and love.

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