The Wonders of Nature

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Ladybug World Description

Ladybug World features fun facts, and high-resolution photography showcasing all sorts of ladybugs in their natural environment. Enjoy learning about how ladybugs spend their time and why their presence in this world is so crucial. Kids are often drawn to ladybugs because of their distinctive red and black spotted appearance, but did you know that ladybugs come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes? More than 5,000 ladybug species exist on the planet today, and they are not all red and black. Some species of ladybugs have stripes, solid-colors, bright yellow shells, and there are even a few white and black spotted varieties. Metallic blue ladybugs exist in Australia, and you might be lucky enough to spot a black ladybug with red shapes on its back that resemble lightning bolts. All ladybugs serve as nature's helpers, which improves harmony within ecosystems across the world. Learn about how many eggs ladybugs lay and what they eat. The book also includes a section about ancient ladybugs, organic gardening with ladybugs and the many names of a ladybug.

Please Note: This book is for children, ages 7 and up, but younger children or advanced listeners and many adults may enjoy this book as well. Read Ladybug World to a toddler or preschool-aged child to inspire an early love for nature and the fascinating world of ladybugs.

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