The Wolf Code

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The Wolf Code Trilogy Description

Special Agent Senora Edwards was used to working alone on missing-people cases, but this latest case was different. Very different.

For this case, she was told she had to work closely with a gorgeous consultant named Ty Mahigan. 

However, the truth was that Ty was not a consultant at all. He was a werewolf, and with this missing person turning up dead, it was clear someone somewhere had broken the wolf code and there would be hell to pay. 

So, for her own safety, Senora knew she would have to stay close to the wolf. But she ended up closer than she ever expected.... 

This is a thrilling werewolf romance series full of mystery, intrigue, and some hot and steamy scenes. If you love a romance audiobook with a plot that will keep you listening till the end, then this is it. 

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