The White Chronicles

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A New Beginning: A Fantasy Adventure Description

Vexx White is a down on his luck apprentice mage, recently expelled from Fallanden Magical Academy for experimenting with necromancy. With nothing to lose, he becomes a dungeoneer for hire — taking odd jobs in his home town of Cloudbury for pocket change. Nine out of 10 dungeoneers die in their first 10 quests, and to survive Vexx finds himself teaming up with a clumsy elf and a crazed succubus. When they’re not busy trying to kill each other, the dungeoneers drum up all the work they can get, from raiding dungeons to hunting down thieves. 

Vexx’s adventures take him from the seedier parts of Cloudbury to the goblin-infested Lifeless Hills in search of gold and glory. But if he wants to live up to his hero, the legendary dungeoneer Dred Wyrm, what other choice is there? 

A New Beginning is the first book in The White Chronicles series, a humorous fantasy sword and sorcery adventure that will be followed by the sequel The Shattered Seagull in July 2020.

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