The Wax Fruit Trilogy

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Antimacassar City Description

One by one, the Moorhouse children left the family farm in Kilmarnock to settle in Glasgow. All that is apart from Mungo, who has remained a farmer. Arthur was the first to go, seeking his fortune at the age of 18. And as he became established, he took in his sisters, Sophia and Mary, until they married, and now he has taken the dashing young David under his wing.

The death of their father and step-mother takes the siblings back to Kilmarnock to attend the funerals. The deaths have left young Phoebe, their half-sister, orphaned. And as the Moorhouses decide on her future, Phoebe faces a new life in Glasgow as she grows into a gallant and stormy beauty...

©1940 Guy McCrone (P)2009 Soundings
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