The Trials of the Clans

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Fire at Dawn Description

The specter of war arises. The evil Sage of Dagorath sends her army to destroy her foe. She has harbored a burning hatred for too long and it must be sated. But the King has allies. He must now call upon them and awaken a legend.

Hellion, a burning mystery to the people of this world is called to battle. His mate Fire and the combined might of the Five Clans must become more than legend. They must become the immovable object that stands before the unstoppable force. They must prevail.

Or their world will perish.

The Sage however, has her weapons too. She knows the dark secret Hellion carries. She knows it can destroy his home and family. It can take away his one, true passion. As victory stands within the grasp of the Clans, high on a mountain above them, Hellion is broken and defeated.

His only hope is with Fire and the small group that follow. But even she doesn't know yet what lies hidden within her warrior. Around each bend, enemies await while the mountain itself moans in pain, trying to shake the evil that has it bound. But where does the true evil manifest....

©2017 Edward Ireland (P)2017 Edward Ireland
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