The Traveler

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Angel Falls, Texas Description

Jedidiah Isaiah Jenkins, an 18-20-year-old redheaded, left-handed fast draw, travels the states and territories of the old west of the late 1800s with his two friends, rooting out and destroying evil whenever and wherever he finds it. Jed is easy going until pushed too far, then it is kill or be killed. He and his friends eliminate killers, outlaws, and thieves when the local authorities can't - or won't - do anything about them.

As Jed travels through the states and territories ridding the towns of evil, it isn't long before those in need are calling on him for assistance.

Jed is a young man with a cross to bear. On one hand he's a born again Christian, on the other hand he's a ruthless killer when given no other choice.

Jed is a true Christian at heart, and believes he has been ordained to carry out God's will. But does Jed have what it takes to rid these places of the evil that is wreaking havoc?

©2011 J.C Hulsey (P)2015 J.C Hulsey
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