The Sound of Us

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Remember Us This Way Description

They are idols to millions worldwide. I hear their names whispered in the hallways and blasted through the radio. Their faces are never far from the television screen, tormenting me with images of what I gave up.

To everyone else, they're unattainable rock stars, the music gods who make up The Sound of Us. But to me? They'll always be the boys I lost.

I broke all our hearts when I refused to follow them to LA, convinced I would only bring them down. Years later, after I’ve succumbed to a monster and my life has become something out of a nightmare, they are back.

I'm no longer the girl they left behind. But what if I’ve become the woman they can’t forget?

Book one of the Sound of Us series

©2019 C.R. Jane (P)2020 C.R. Jane
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