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Magic Scorned Description

Magic Scorned is the first book of The Sorceress Chronicles, a high fantasy erotic romance series bridging time and space to bring together Jaxon of Granithm and Cassandra of Earth.

Cassandra was a realist, she had little faith in what she could not see or could not be proven. When she mockingly casts a spell to prove magic did not exist, she finds herself far from where she stood moments before.

Jaxon was one of the Stregori; those that cannot be touched by magic. He was tasked with finding men and women of magical ability and assigning them to be trained. His world is completely turned upside down when he crosses paths with Cassandra. He had never met a sorceress who denied she had the gift.

The two come together in a sensual clash. Will Jaxon convince Cassandra that magic is real? Can Cassandra protect her heart and beliefs as the infuriating barbarian pushes her boundaries repeatedly?

©2014 Cheryl Matthynssens (P)2015 Cheryl Matthynssens
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