The Life I Never Lived

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The Life I Never Lived - with People I Knew too Well: By Anne Description

What would happen if an average American homeschooling family decided to visit a church from the Quiet of the Land? Jae never guessed that as soon as she stepped into that strange church service the first Sunday, where the people droned on like bumblebees and the preacher pulled at his beard showing his bottom teeth, that she had just entered the Life She Never Lived. They are so quiet...home-loving people, who keep to themselves. There's lots of groups of them and everyone knows who they are...or do they?

Jae certainly didn't. And even when she started to find out things she didn't know about herself, she realized that what they knew and thought added up to a humongous mystery. Surely she wasn't related to Russia's princess Anastasia! And her darling sister certainly was not a slave from Palestine who had the power of Qu'balah! Her life felt quirky, to say the least. But when their lives suddenly escalate into a climax, they have only one thing left to do: RUN. But can they flee in time to save their lives...especially after Jae's death threat, the threat from the Nazi in Canada and the spies who follow them all the way down to Tennessee?

This audiobook is a true story, humorized and dramatized. All names have been changed to protect the identity of the author. All facts and conclusions are completely verifiable, especially with concern to Amish, Mennonite, and German Baptist Anabaptist groups.

©2015 Anne (P)2015 Jessie A. Lee
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