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An 8-year-old boy with a secret gift becomes a royal pawn in a spellbinding series about power struggles, a mad king, and a magical legacy.

Already rife with political intrigue, young Owen Kiskaddon’s life is about to get a lot more complicated. When the boy’s father attempts to gain control of the throne and fails, Owen is held as the king’s hostage and thrown headfirst into the dangers of life at court. Sent to live as vengeful King Severn’s prisoner to ensure his father’s good behavior, Owen quickly learns to survive in court and prove his worth. Caught in a swirl of deadly politics, his only ally is a mysterious woman with power over life, death, and more. Follow the series as Owen grows, against all odds, from a frightened boy to a confident youth to a trusted officer in the court. In the prequels, learn more about Owen’s protector, Ankarette Tryneowy, and follow her quests as she seeks powerful magical artifacts and uncovers a truth that could change fate itself.

Winner of Audie and Odyssey Awards, Kate Rudd lends her gifts to narrating the amazing tales of Kingfountain. Through distinct changes to her voice, she provides interesting and unique interpretations of each of the characters as you follow them through the twisting story. The complications of court life, battles for power, hidden magic, and human connections all come to life with genuine emotion and passion in Rudd’s performance.

Jeff Wheeler credits his career as an author to taking a class with Terry Brooks, a prolific and acclaimed author of epic fantasy fiction, which changed the way he approached writing. After his successful transition to a full-time author, Wheeler gained the confidence to take a few risks with the way he constructed Kingfountain, including making the protagonist an 8-year-old boy.

A Wall Street Journal best seller, the Kingfountain series has sold more than a million copies in total.

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