The Jack Preston Adventures

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Jack Preston and the Undiscovered Country Description

Jack Preston, a former army Captain, now a hunter of rare artifacts, is engaged to acquire a rare book by an anonymous buyer. Once the book is in Jack's possession, he has serious doubts about passing it to his buyer, as he is warned of the dangers of exploiting the book for personal gain.

Events are soon out of his control when his American girlfriend, Abigail, is kidnapped. Jack finds her London flat ransacked and the book gone. Her kidnapping is linked to the book and a legendary lost temple in Peru. Jack is contacted and receives instructions. He is horrified to learn that Sanders, a despised colleague from his army days, is the kidnapper. He soon finds himself on a plane to Peru in search of Abigail and Sanders. Why was Abigail kidnapped? What is Sanders seeking? What follows is an action-packed adventure filled with danger, excitement, and mystery.

©2015 H E Joyce (P)2015 H E Joyce
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