The House of Kaimar

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The Commander's Captive (An Alien Breeder Romance) Description


That's right. I said it. 

I know - it sounds stupid to me also. I'm a psychologist (sort of), so you'd think I'd be able to reason my way out of this mess. Except the reality is that I've been abducted to become their breeder, and it doesn't take an advanced degree to recognize this is all sorts of jacked up. 

But I digress. 

Apparently, these aliens are on the brink of extinction and need me and my fellow captives to repopulate. Yay us. I guess it's time to figure out an escape plan before they knock me up. I'll be back later. 


House of Kaimar Series:

  1. The Commander's Captive (Lia and Varek)
  2. The Monarch's Mate (Morgan and Zaden)
  3. The Bodyguard's Breeder (Eleanor and Kade)
  4. Kolton's Book
  5. Braxton's Book
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