The Hidden Trilogy

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Hidden Above Her: Part One Description

Following a tumultuous breakup with her fiancé', Symphony Dunmore decides it's time to focus all her energy on completing college. The quicker she's done with school, the faster she can move to LA and launch her career as an entertainment blogger. But first, she must attend a going-away party her critical parents have decided to throw for her. However, things are made cumbersome, when Cash Anderson shows to the soiree. 

He broke her heart into a million pieces five years earlier, and seeing him again brings back a flood of emotions both good; and bad. Despite the rehash of a bad romance, nothing can prepare the party guests for what happens later that evening, when Symphony's body is found on the roof! With the Dunmore household suddenly caught in a whirlwind of turmoil, finger-pointing, and speculation, they soon begin to unearth family skeletons. Secrets, which were never meant to be told.

©2016 Pour Out Your Story Publishing (P)2021 Kandle Bossfield
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