The Hidden Story of Us

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Is Reality Real?: The Hidden Story of Us Description

Is Reality Real?: The Hidden Story of Us is a new story for our species. Our world is in a state of great confusion. There are wars happening all over the globe, fueled by fear of the unknown. There are natural disasters occurring across the planet at what appears to be an increasing rate, compounding our fear of the unknown. We worry about earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes, psychos on a suicide mission, and terrorists with a religious mission. We fear people that look different than us, people that act different than us, people who believe different things than we do, and people with more power than we have.

All of this fear is largely unrecognized, and simply thought of as "the way things are". As if this is the natural order of the universe. The belief that we must suffer during our lives here, because "life is tough" or "that's the way it is", has become the pervasive color of our world. I understand how this sort of thing happens, as does everyone else that has ever contemplated the subject. Perhaps it's the reason we as a species turn to religion in such large numbers. When times are hard, it's easiest to take comfort in the idea that this is all God's plan. There is far too much going on in the universe to understand God's intention, so we simply have faith in God's guidance and continue on with the story of our lives.

This book is designed as a guide for anyone interested in evolving their consciousness to a higher level. This book is designed to help people understand a way to manage problems in their everyday lives. This book is designed to remove the confusion and anger from our planet. This book is designed to end suffering on every level of human consciousness. This book is designed to describe the way our collective Reality operates and how it interacts with our lives. In doing so, therefore rendering every religion on Earth obsolete. This book is designed to exist forever in time.

©2017 Bradley Vining (P)2017 Bradley Vining
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