The Heretic Arcanum

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Agony in Violet Description

A strange and gruesome illness slithers through New York. Afflicted at random, all of the victims suffer an apparent overdose of chemotherapy, yet none of them have cancer.

When the 13th case - a small boy very near death - hits the news, the authorities are desperate and turn to an unlikely consultant. Part shaman, part chef, he unlocks for them a bizarre world of bioluminescence, sin-eating, and killer cuisine.

But what - or who - is on the menu?

Agony in Violet is a short occult mystery about man's primal urge to eat and is Book One of The Heretic Arcanum.

©2013 Rick Wayne (P)2014 Rick Wayne
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  • Volume 1 de la série

    Couverture de Agony in Violet
    • Agony in Violet

    • The Heretic Arcanum, Book 1
    • De : Rick Wayne
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