The Guardian Series

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The Cats' Lair Description

What if the Bible were not complete? What if something existed, so beneficial to mankind that it had been intentionally omitted in order to protect its existence through complete secrecy? What if there were a place named Father Mountain, and within it, Ahveen? What if there were Guardians?

Jim Preston and Red Porter, 20-year-old workers at Miller Foundry in Rockaway, Illinois, are about to find out the answers to all these questions - high on a mountain in a remote region of northwestern Colorado. But, by the time they reach 20 for the second time, it'll be no more than a faint and hazy dream to them, knowing no more than what they have been permitted to learn by the guardians of Father Mountain and their "former" selves.

©2002 Charles Foertmeyer (P)2015 Charles Foertmeyer
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