The Grey Ham Series

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Retired police lieutenant and avid amateur radio operator Don Wood, who is also a new prepper because of his Bible study of the End Times, stumbles on a new form of communication he calls "ParaCW" while experimenting with his ham radio gear, computer, and an old smartphone. After a surprise visit at Don's local amateur radio club meeting by FCC Enforcement Agent Larry Turner, Don soon realizes that the FCC and, eventually, the FBI are quite interested in his find, but for what purpose? They claim it's to help out his government; he thinks it's for other reasons. 

As the story unfolds, one of FCC enforcement agents becomes a friend and the other a foe. As book one closes, Don relives one of the most difficult times of his life as a law enforcement officer when he suffers a loss.

©2017 Ron Good (P)2017 Ron Good
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