The Fourteen Day Soul Detox

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The Fourteen Day Soul Detox Description

Jamie Scott has a plan to detoxify her soul in 14 days. She is going to be happy again, even if she has to leave the man she's in love with to do it.

In the next 14 days, I plan to:


1) Cut back on my coffee intake.

2) Gain some of my weight back.

3) Start getting some exercise again. Yoga? I don't know.

4) Sleep.


5) Take on my daughter's school board.

6) Sell my coffee shop.

7) Go on a date.


8) Stop wearing my wedding ring.

9) Spread my husband's ashes.

10) Forgive the woman who killed him.

11) Stop sleeping with her ex-husband.

12) Remember what love feels like.

13) Be happy.

©2016 Rita Stradling (P)2016 Rita Stradling and Grace Clower
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