The Five Families: A Mafia Romance

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Forever Lies Description

Luca was heartache waiting to happen.

On the surface, he appears well-dressed and professional, but behind those impassive black irises, I can sense something dark and ruthless. He’s unlike any man I’ve come across in my life. With my wealthy upbringing, I’ve been around any number of affluent, powerful men, but Luca is different. Enigmatic. Overwhelming. He wears an air of secrecy like the latest fashion trend.

I’m not one of those girls who seeks out the bad boy - I have enough issues to deal with in my life without adding his brand of trouble. Problem is, a chance elevator malfunction put me straight in his crosshairs, and now, he won’t let me walk away. The most disturbing part - no matter how dangerous he may be, there’s a mutinous side of me that doesn’t want to run. As if I ever had a choice....

Warning: There is a scene involving attempted sexual assault that may not be suitable for listeners sensitive to such topics.

©2019 Jill Ramsower (P)2019 Jill Ramsower
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