The Enchanted Coin

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Retired Air Force Colonel and Senior Federal Agent Launches New Action Adventure Fiction

We have all heard of tales of UFOs, ghosts, people who say they can talk to the spirits, ancient curses, and magical talismans. Most of us automatically dismiss them as false, figments of people's imagination, and understandably so. However, might not just a few of them be true? I don't know, but I heard this story from a young man the other day who swore the fascinating tale I have set forth in this book really did really occur, because it happened to him. You be the judge.

Fourteen-year-old Greg Worling's life changed the day he found an eight-sided coin along the edge of a pond on his parent's farm. The coin sparkled as though it reflected the sun's light, even in the shade. Drawn to it, Greg discovers an inscription on the coin that reads, "Greg, drop this coin into the fountain in front of the tree of life". Weeks later, his little sister by his side, Greg tosses the coin into the small fountain and is instantaneously transported to a strange land.

The Enchanted Coin is a Mouse Gate Fiction Action Adventure and captivates the attention of children and adults alike.

The Enchanted Coin is a 2013 grand prize winner of the "Books Without Publishers" writing contest.

©2013 Bob Doerr (P)2014 TotalRecall Publications, Inc.
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