The Devil's Dream

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The Devil's Dream Description

At 30 years old, Matthew Brand had reinvented the fields of Mathematics and Genetic Engineering. The world stood in awe, celebrating his genius. But when Brand's adopted son, Hilman, was gunned down by four police officers, Matthew Brand discovered a new purpose in life:

Revenge. And rebirth for his son.

Jeffrey Dillan wrote the defining best-seller of Matthew Brand's descent from super-human scientist to sub-human monster. Even though he knew Brand was insane, Dillan felt an attraction to his genius and wondered if Brand could have accomplished his goal. Could he have raised his son from the dead?

Maybe if he hadn't needed the bodies of the cops who killed his son...

FBI agent Allison Moore watched in horror with the rest of the world as humanity's greatest mind turned from science and invention to murder and madness. When Brand was finally captured, relief swept the nation and Allison. Now, 10 years later, she's awakened by a 4 AM phone call to find out Brand has escaped. Agent Moore hangs up the phone as her relief turns to chaos.

The second manhunt for Matthew Brand has begun.

©2014 Lee David Beers IV (P)2014 Lee David Beers IV
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