The Demonic Compendium

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The Rise of Prince: The Risen Prince: The Demonic Compendium Book 1 Description

The slaughter of the royal family has awakened an unspeakable evil. Hope is stamped out under the rule of the new tyrannical king. But buried deep in history lies an answer to his steel grip that nobody wants to unleash Risen from death, a warrior emerges—the Arbiter, a demonic sorcerer not seen in 500 years. And he's pissed. For it's not a random king who sits upon the throne and plunges an already struggling kingdom into chaos—the mad king is the Arbiter's brother, and the man responsible for ending his life in the first place.

Sound the drums of war and prepare for battle! Prince Shaw returns as the Arbiter with his brother, the king, in his sights, and anyone who stands in his way will be considered an enemy....

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