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The Dark Prince Description

This is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. This is audiobook one out of three.

Not your typical Mafia type of story, nor your typical type of romance. It takes time for two people to be in love, but this novel will surely draw you in! 

Chase Marcel is determined to change the world. Tired of living by the way life has been for years in the Mafia family he was born into, he has spent years planning. Planning to change everything everyone knew. 

Summer Meads, a girl born into the world as a slave and forced to grow up tossed from one house to the next, must survive. She knows nothing of her bloodline to the Mafia world, even when she met Chase when they were children. 

To save Summer and to take down one of the most feared Mafia families, Chase must marry her. At what cost will Chase and Summer’s marriage cost not only them, but the Marcel family? How can a slave girl be helpful for the Mafia family?

Modern-day Mafia story, but with a twist. Includes mentions of slavery, abuse, and violence.

©2018 Autumn Winchester (P)2018 Shelby Lewis
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