The Dangerous Series (Piper)

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The Dangerous Side of Love Description

It's hard for a writer to get famous. Angelina struggles to keep writing in the face of rejection after rejection from book publishers. So, she decides to take her love of romance novels and write about them online in her blog. She talks about her dates, the men she wants, and her desires. To her surprise, people start reading, and she get the first taste of getting a reader following. It's all great until she gets an especially angry post. Someone doesn't like what she writes, and it's more than just a mean message - much more. Will this person come after her, and who is it? Angelina will soon become suspicious of the men around her as she is forced to be an unwilling participant in a cat-and-mouse game that could mean life and death. She will soon know the dangerous side of love.

©2016 Paul Ibbetson (P)2016 Paul Ibbetson
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