The Cowboy's Baby

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The Cowboy's Baby Description

Wealthy Cassandra Lennon has pricked her finger on the spindle of personal tragedy 15 years earlier and isolated herself behind rose-covered walls. They call her the Sleeping Beauty. But this is modern-day Texas and her castle is a ranch. Ellison Stewart is so enticingly attractive to women their knees buckle on first sight, and he hates it. Is he the prince Cassie has been waiting for? As manager of the gated community and golf course adjacent to her property, Ellison's almost got too much to handle already. Especially when he misplaces his golf course. Goats are heavily involved. And a lot of toilet paper. Throw the cowboy's baby into the mix and this modern take on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale becomes a romantic comedy of errors about accepting love where you find it.

Definitely not the same old baby. From Gretchen Rix, the author of Talking to the Dead Guys and Arroyo. First in The Cowboy's Baby series.

©2010 Gretchen Lee Rix (P)2016 Gretchen Lee Rix
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