The Collapse Trilogy

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Free Fire Zone Description

The world was dying, its natural resources had been used up. The Great Plains were a desert. Ocean life had collapsed providing on a trickle of the needed food for the exploding population. Countries had fallen into ruin with only those living in the City States enjoying the sumptuous lifestyle that had been the norm for hundreds of years.

Around the City States, a majority of the population scrounged through the ruins of the civilization to scrape out an existence. Between these two extremes was Vin Tanner, and his Resource Security Force team's job was to make sure the remaining natural resources were equitably divided between the haves and have nots. To keep the gangs in the Wild Areas at bay.

Vin had joined to help distribute the food and water to make a difference, but over the years, the job had changed. It had become stand by, stand down, and report, as gangs gained more and more power. Corporations thrived while ordinary men and women struggled with the gangs to survive. Now Vin and his team were running for their lives as a Corporation Special Action team chased them through the ruins.

Why? What did they know that meant they had to be eliminated?

©2015 Roger C. Huder (P)2017 Roger C. Huder
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