The Billionaire's Whim

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The Billionaire's Whim: The Billionaire's Whim Series, Boxed Set Description

Introducing the sexy and hot new alpha billionaire series from Bella Forbes, The Billionaire's Whim, available for the first time in a boxed set....

Twenty-three-year-old Lillian Jones can't seem to stay employed; she always lets her temper get the better of her. Her life is a mess. Her debts are piling up, she's about to be evicted, and she's desperate for a job. Then she gets one last chance: a job as a personal assistant for sexy billionaire Trent Blackwell. Her independent spirit recoils at the idea of working for such a demanding, controlling man, but something inside of her melts at his command. She promises herself that she'll do everything she can to hold on to this job, no matter what.

After his father's death, Trent Blackwell finds himself in charge of Blackwell Enterprises at the age of 32. A man of confidence, he gets what he wants when he wants it. And the second Lillian told him off during her interview, he knew he wanted her. He's determined to take her in hand and teach her some respect, and he knows that's what she secretly craves. As he brings her to a new level of sexuality, they dive into a world of temptation, desire, and broken boundaries. But a scheming ex and some suspicious activity within the company mean that Trent and Lillian will need to work together if they are to save the company - as well as their lives.

©2015 Bella Forbes (P)2016 Bella Forbes
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