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Homecoming Homicide Description

Love lost, marred bond, and a sudden death....

As Butch Hutchinson strives to lead a silent albeit lackluster life as a private investigator, things get stirred up approaching his high school reunion. Not only do his former schoolmates' current achievements seem a lot more interesting than his own, he's also faced with the possibility of coming face to face with his high-school-buddy-turned-rival Danny Sims - who also happens to be the husband of Bruce's former love interest, Lauren. The day of the reunion arrives, and things escalate to a full shock as Bruce receives heart-wrenching news over the phone: Lauren's dead.

How does this news impact Bruce's life? Is it big enough to bring him back to the one place he's been avoiding for years now - his hometown?

Homecoming Homicide is a gripping mystery about lost love and rivalry, murder and redemption. Through every word, be transported into the mysterious world of Bruce Hutchinson!

Draco Spencer gives you another masterfully written thriller that will keep you excited, intrigued, and mystified for days!

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