The Archipelago Series

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Island Jumper Description

Islands to find. Sharks to fight. Women to rescue.  

Jack Sawyer takes a sorority on a party boat tour when a mysterious storm slams into them. Now they are stranded on a chain of strange islands with bizarre creatures that have an unsettling desire to kill them.  

He must learn how to survive the elements by building rafts, shelters, and weapons from whatever they find on the islands, all while fighting for their lives. They can't stop, though - there are more women to rescue, more islands yet to be explored, plus that whole "let's-get-rescued" plan.

Island Jumper is an adventure story with Jack and a group of beautiful women. Join them as they fight to stay alive and struggle to find a way to live and love in an unforgiving archipelago. 

Please note: This audiobook is intended for a mature audience only. It contains adult content and language throughout.

©2019 M. H. Ryan (P)2019 M. H. Ryan
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