The Al Anbar Chronicles: First Marine Expeditionary Force

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Prisoner of Fallujah Description

Cpl Nicholas Xenakis made two tours to Iraq as a grunt, something he was born to do. When his wife gave him the "me or the Corps" ultimatum, he chose her, but not before he joined the local reserve battery for one last pump. The battery was assigned as a provisional MP company with the mission of convoy duty, something Nick figured would not be as exciting as his grunt tours, but at least he was back in the fight.

Convoys from Fallujah to Ramadi and the Green Zone, however, gave him his adrenaline rush and a view of the war he hadn't had before. But when his convoy was hit in Fallujah, Nick faced the most life-threatening and dangerous situation a Marine in Iraq could face, and he would have to face it alone.

Prisoner of Fallujah is Book 1 of The Al Anbar Chronicles: First Marine Expeditionary Force - Iraq. However, it can be listened to as a stand-alone book in its own right.

Warning: Prisoner of Fallujah contains some vulgar language and some extremely graphic and disturbing descriptions of torture and violence. Some of the views expressed by characters in the book are not "politically correct" and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author or follow Marine Corps policy.

©2013 Jonathan Brazee (P)2016 Jonathan Brazee
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    • The Al Anbar Chronicles: First Marine Expeditionary Force - Iraq, Book 3
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