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With the last few words, tears form in her eyes, and she starts to weep. Conor put his arm around her, "Grandma, it's going be okay. I don't know what you two are talking about, but I'm sure it will be all right." Just then a small voice is heard coming from the counter top just behind Grandpa's head. "Maybe I should explain things to him." Conor looks from Grandpa to Grandma, then back to Grandpa, wondering where the voice is coming from. Then, from behind the coffeepot, comes the smallest man Conor had ever seen.

The O'Brien family has hidden and protected this secret in the hills of eastern Tennessee, generation after generation, for nearly 100 years. Now that it's young Conor O'Brien's time to take charge, the teenager will soon discover this is no small task. When a threat is posed from an angry English businessman, something has to be done to protect the Tinys from being exposed to the rest of the world. How will young Conor handle his newly discovered responsibility? What will happen to the little community?

This story, filled with action, intrigue, and a little bit of romance, will keep listeners guessing at every turn. Who are the Tinys? How will Conor and the Tinys evade this powerful family in Europe that has been searching for them for generations? Find the answers in this first book in the Tennessee Tiny series.

©2012 Gary E. Reavis Sr. (P)2016 Gary E.Reavis Sr.
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