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Way of the Sword Description

The complete trilogy combined into the original critically acclaimed novel.

Silver, they call it, the light of the full moon: celestial magic that changes men into beasts and calls the dead from their graves...and young men to their destinies.

Billy Cole is the son of legendary folk hero Ian the Black. He should be marching to war, battling dragons, and rescuing fair maidens. Unfortunately for him, the war is long over, the last dragon was slain by the Dread Duke, and all the girls in Redfield are either several years younger than him or already married. Billy is 16 springs old and ready for a life of valor and excitement. So far, however, he seems destined only for boredom and manual labor in a small farm town.

Then a scarecrow tries to kill him, and a monster of swamp water and vines trudges into town and attacks his father. Evil has risen from the Blood Marsh, and Redfield needs a hero.

And while Billy has the brass to take on an entire army alone, he's smart enough to know better. Instead he straps on the sword of Trevor the Red and takes the name Wil Thunderstrike - wandering hero and teller of tales - to venture into the Free Fertile Lands and find the help they need.

But the world beyond Redfield isn't like in the tavern tales, and not everyone who carries a sword is a hero.

Tarnish is a grittier, more adult coming-of-age tale than you're used to, where destiny is forged, not written.

©2013 J. D. Brink (P)2015 J. D. Brink
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