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Lady and the Wolf Description

♥Man by day, wolf by night. Will enemies become lovers?♥

The Wolf: Lord Hugh de Bar has been taken prisoner by Baron Roland Chaserton, and also been cursed by the evil witch Hecuba. In the dungeons of Tavistock, Hugh’s curse has revealed that he will be man by day, and shapeshift into a wolf at night. After managing to escape, he and his brother go back to Castle Babeny, where he resides as lord. Hugh vows to kill his captor if it is the last thing he ever does. While in the woods, he sees a woman in a red cloak armed with a crossbow killing wolves. He needs to stop her. He captures the woman, only to discover she is the granddaughter of his enemy, Lord Chaserton. With her as his captive, he finally has the bait needed to lure his enemy out into the open and extract his revenge.

The Lady: Lady Winifred Chaserton is known as Red, not only as a nickname, but also for her long red hair. She defies her grandfather and sneaks back to the woods, unescorted. It is her intent to investigate a secret door in the woods that she is sure she saw. While there, she is almost attacked by a wolf, but saved by the handsome Lord of Babeny, Hugh de Bar. Her hope diminishes as she discovers he means to keep her captive. The man's intense gaze devours her, and this scares, yet excites her, at the same time. He is the most dangerous man she's ever met, and also the most intriguing person that has ever taken her interest. He holds a secret, and she digs deeper to find just what he hides behind his cool, penetrating stare.

Will a cursed man find redemption from dark magic that has brought turmoil into his life? And will enemies become lovers as an unusual attraction turns into so much more?

©2015 Elizabeth Rose (P)2017 Elizabeth Rose
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