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Locmire's Quest Description

When the Dark Wizard, Hasbarie, rose to the height of his power, the kingdoms united to defend their lands, sending Calencia into a battle for its very existence, which would later be referred to as the Great War. Five hundred years later, Locmire, the last Master Wizard of Fogarth, sees the events of a foretold prophecy come into place. Hasbarie has returned. Locmire sets out on an epic quest to reunite the kingdoms, in an attempt to drive this evil from their lands once and for all, but the Dark Wizard has other plans. During his search for the descendants of the kings who rose to greatness during the Great War, Locmire is met by resistance at every turn. The Wizard must reunite the kingdoms once again or Calencia will surely fall. Even with the kingdoms unified, there still stands a grim chance that his efforts will be futile because two entirely different endings to the prophecy have been revealed to him and he is uncertain of the path he must follow to reach the desired conclusion.

Locmire's Quest is an epic fantasy adventure that you will not want to put down. It is the first of three books from author Brian Hutchinson. Calencia, the world in which the events take place, is a fresh, new fantasy world that is filled with unforgettable characters and races. Locmire's journey to save Calencia is an epic tale that will not soon be forgotten. Filled with action, comedy, romance, character conflict, and emotion, Locmire's Quest is an action-packed adventure that you do not want to miss.

©2012 Brian Hutchinson (P)2014 Brian Hutchinson
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