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Can't win for losin'...

As any gambler will tell you, luck runs hot and cold. For my many sins I've been forced to scrape a life out of poker games and side-jobs on the fringes of civil society. I thought I hit it big when I raked 50-grand off the table at a roadhouse in Texas.

It is amazing what a win can cost you.

Now, on the run from a drug cartel headed by an unstoppable juggernaut, pursued by a shape-shifting killer, and framed for attempted murder, I have to protect a girl with a bounty on her head as I try to figure out why the hell the vehicles I turn on are suddenly transforming into stupidly hot super-powered women.

I guess you take the good with the bad, right? So pull up a chair and pick your poison, I'm gonna tell you a story you will never believe...

Warning: This audiobook has adult themes including a slow burn harem and violence.

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