Sweet Caroline

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Sweet Caroline Description

Southern charm, sweet tea, and Tater Tots mixed with a hint of international espionage and romance. Welcome to the new world of Caroline Sweet. 

In this contemporary romance, young Caroline struggles with loneliness after her father's death, her brother’s military deployment, and her mother's deteriorating health. All the while, she juggles graduate school and a full-time job while remaining focused on her future. That is, until Hashim, an exotic stranger, moves into her garage apartment. 

Hashim is a man with a mysterious past. Of course, he’s handsome and can afford a nicer lifestyle than Caroline is accustomed to, but his intensity and intelligence both captivate and frighten our heroine. 

Caroline must choose between the comfortable life she knows and the uncertain future with a man she just met. Whichever path she chooses, Caroline knows that her life will never be the same.

©2019 Kelda Laing Poynot (P)2020 Kelda Laing Poynot
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