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Survival at Starvation Lake Description

Most people would have said that Sally McPhearson had it all. Sally was a wealthy and powerful woman. Being the CEO of a major Canadian corporation, most of Sally's business acquaintances liked her, but almost all feared her. She carried a dark secret that she had managed to hide from everyone, perhaps even herself. Sally's career had become her whole life, and she didn't even realize it was because of her painful past.

A corporate jet, or even her own private jet, would have been within easy reach for her. However, Sally McPhearson always flew commercial; it was sort of her trademark. When she boarded the small commuter plane that day to travel to a business meeting in Toronto, she had no idea that her life was about to abruptly change. Sally was about to depart on a journey that would result in months full of pain, suffering, hunger, desperation, and fear. She certainly would have not been able to comprehend that the experiences she was about to endure would forever change her life for the better.

This book tells the story of plane crash survivors in the stark winter wilderness of Northern Ontario, Canada. Against overwhelming odds, they struggle to overcome their adversities and hardships with a little help from a friend.

©2010 Gary P. Hansen (P)2015 Gary P. Hansen
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