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Broken: Foremid Saga Description

Betrayal. Redemption. Vengeance.

Katrice Wylde, ex-Empire special forces, has just finished stealing the most advanced starship in the known galaxies, along with the AI that controls it. This task has taken two long years, but home is finally in sight.

Ryker Mallory, her lover and employer, is waiting for her but the reception is not what she expects. Her ship and crew are destroyed before her eyes while Ryker watches from safety. Smiling, he sets off one last explosion to kill her.

Waking is a mixture of surprise and terror, finding herself in a laboratory as Ryker's voice echoes around her. Freeing herself is only her first worry, she has to figure out what's next, go into hiding or get some much deserved revenge.

Broken is the first book in the epic space opera Starship Magic series. If you love Firefly, Star Wars, Cowboy Bepop, or Outlaw Star and wanted it filled with advanced technology and powerful magic, you're in the right place. Mark Brandon Powell's epic space opera is what you've been looking for.

©2016 Mark Brandon Powell (P)2017 Mark Brandon Powell and William Cater
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