Spanish for the Busy Medical Professional

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Spanish for the Busy Medical Professional Description

Learn to communicate effectively with your Spanish speaking patients and their families in just five hours!

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but never found the time or the right teacher? Are you having trouble communicating with your Spanish speaking patients? Did you study Spanish in school, including medical school, but find yourself unable to construct even simple sentences in Spanish?

This book is for doctors, nurses, emergency medical personnel, and all medical professionals in need of a Spanish beginners or refresher course. Due to our unique method of teaching, you will be amazed at how much Spanish you will learn and retain in just five hours!

What makes this Spanish course special?

Our breakthrough method allows you to retain most if not all of what you learn and immediately put it to use. The key is interactivity: instead of making you repeat words and sentences, you are encouraged to think and apply what you learned. Using the words and concepts you learn throughout the course, you will build Spanish sentences and translate Spanish sentences into English right from the start. The course also makes use of the many similarities between English and Spanish, so you can associate new Spanish words with English words you already know.

You'll learn relevant words and sentences that you can put to use immediately. This will allow you to reinforce what you've learned through real life practice and motivate you to complete the course.

This course only takes about five hours to complete. Many people buy expensive Spanish courses and never find the time to complete the course. But you should be able to find five hours. Even if you only study for half an hour each day, you'll be done in a little more than a week!

Learning should be fun and rewarding. It is hard to describe the pleasure you experience when you manage to construct complete sentences in Spanish after just half an hour into the course. In addition, the course is peppered with quotes and anecdotes, to help keep the learning fun and exciting.

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