Son of Earp

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Curse of the Ancients Description

The 1870s. A peaceful town in Iowa territory. The townspeople dislike their new visitor. An Indian man. But they are about to find out that the color of his skin is the least of their worries.

A young man, James Johnson, illegitimate son of the legendary Wyatt Earp, dreams of adventure and following in his daddy's footsteps. James and his mentally disabled friend, Carson, are about to come face to face with an evil previously unimaginable in their little town. An evil they invited in.

All hell's about to break loose.

Supernatural forces are at work and the body count is rising.

Curse of the Ancients is the first novel in the Son of Earp series by Chuck Buda. It is approximately 57,000 words and contains adult language and scenes of horror. Listener discretion is strongly advised.

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