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The Darker Side Description

Special Agent Smoky Barrett has been to hell and back - her husband and child were murdered years ago - and now a serial killer who calls himself "The Preacher" wants to teach her a lesson about divinity.

A high-profile politician's daughter is killed mid-flight on her way to Washington, DC, and the only clue is a silver cross that has been left in her side. Smoky and her team of agents begin a chase that leads them across the country and into the twisted mind of one of the most prolific serial killers ever seen.

This time he's put his crimes on display for everyone to see - he's asking to be caught, but only by someone clever enough to catch all of his clues. And for Smoky, the clock is ticking.

©2008 Cody McFadyen (P)2008 Brilliance Audio, Inc.
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    Couverture de The Face of Death
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    Couverture de Abandoned
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