Six-Gun Terrors

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Six-Gun Terrors Description

Terror on the Plains

Former Union scouts and saddle tramps Durken and McAfee are more than satisfied with their lives as cattle-punchers for Homer Eldridge and his Triple Six ranch. When a mysterious, black-clad preacher arrives in town leading a congregation of dwarfish foreigners, strange things begin to happen. First, cattle from various spreads are found savagely butchered out on the range for no apparent reason. Then, several Triple Six hands go missing. McAfee begins to suspect there is something very sinister about the new reverend and his people. Something that will bring more horror and destruction with it.

Writer Fred Adams, Jr. spins a weird western tale that will have readers on their edge of their seats and jumping at shadows. Mixing a heady brew that is half-H.P. Lovecraft and half-Louis L'Amour, Six-Gun Terrors is a creepy adventure not soon forgotten.

©2014 Fred Adams, Jr. (P)2016
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