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Ship Wrecked: Stranded on an Alien World Description

A wicked snowstorm had blown in from the north and the roads were a mess. Recently split from his one-time girlfriend, there was now nothing holding Cameron Decker here in the little backwater mountain town of Larksburg Stand. Time to get back to college, back to Stanford. Seeing a guy knee-deep in slush at the side of the road, he pulled to the curb and waved him over. The guy smacked his head getting in - knocked his watch cap askew. Only then did Cameron notice - noticed that the individual couldn't possibly be human.

Cameron decided to help his stranded passenger - a decision he'd soon come to regret. Along with his rust-bucket of a pickup truck, he was soon heading deep into space aboard an interstellar spacecraft. After the vessel crash-landed onto an alien world, he would now have to contend with a murderous droid and a slew of strange alien life forms. But it is the 45-foot tall killer beast - a Minal Loth - that will impact is life the most. Marooned, Cameron must keep his wits to survive long enough to find a way to return home - back to that little mountain town, and that girl, who he should never have left in the first place.

©2017 Mark Wayen McGinnis (P)2017 Mark Wayne McGinnis
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