Shadow of the Bastille

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A Daughter's Destiny Description

A book in the Shadow of Bastille series: A family scattered to the winds by the French Revolution struggles to find its destiny in a Europe threatened by Napoleon. Two sisters and a brother, separated as children, raised as strangers, discover the crest of the thunderbolt is the only clue to the legacy they share.

Secrets of the Heart

Evan Somerset arouses Brienne LeClerc's suspicions from the moment he enters her fashionable London restaurant. And when the charming antiquities dealer offers her a small fortune for a worthless vase emblazoned with a bolt of lightning, she thinks him mad. But Evan is not the only one seeking the mark of the thunderbolt. As Brienne soon learns, the vase holds a vital clue to a desperate deception - and to shocking truths that threaten the fragile love she and Evan are only beginning to trust....

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