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Shadow World Description

First in the series of Shadow World Quest Seekers, it can stand alone.

Modern-day teenager Denzel suddenly finds himself in a world that looks like that of King Arthur's Court. His Bible has become a literal sword, and his faith a shield in his hand. According to the chief knight, he has been in this real world countless times and refers to the world Denzel came from as the shadow world. The knight explains that once someone remembers the shadow world, he will likely not forget it or the real world again. Both worlds affect each other.

When they enter a prayer meeting in the shadow world, they ride off into battle in the real world. Something is battling the king's men that only an ambassador can defeat. Denzel must teach the inexperienced ambassador that is sent to them for Denzel is the leader of this castle of king's men. Jumping from world to world, Denzel begins seeing how the spiritual and the physical fit together to form one world.

©2010 Sally Hull (P)2015 Sally Hull
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