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The Sentinel Description

The humans on the Sentinel Battle Station have waited a decade in silence for their enemy's return - a merciless, bird-like alien species known as Apex, who are bent on exterminating all other sentient life in the quadrant. But when a strange warship appears, the crew is thrown into chaos as one faction is desperate to communicate with the newcomers, and the other will kill to keep their mission a secret.

For the crew of HMS Blackbeard, a battered Royal Navy warship light years from home, the battle station may prove to be their salvation. But they must first overcome the reactionary forces on the station who would see them destroyed, and then team up with the survivors before the arrival of a menacing Apex fleet.

The first book of the new sci-fi trilogy by Wall Street Journal best-selling author Michael Wallace, The Sentinel is an exciting, action-packed space opera for both new listeners and fans of the best-selling Starship Blackbeard series alike.

©2016 Michael Wallace (P)2016 Michael Wallace
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