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Safe Havens: Shadow Masters Description

Father, Husband, Shadow Warrior. Target.

Sean Havens served the government black ops underworld for over 20 years. He lived and operated through corporate cut-outs and within the dark recesses of humanity to protect the country he loved. But when the family he loved was unprotected by his country, Havens's clandestine double life follows him home colliding two very separate worlds. Shock awaits as he learns who is friend or foe in the obscure domestic battlefield. To find sanctuary, he must navigate the intertwined shadows of underhanded proxy surrogate schemes, staged terrorism, and a long thought to be disbanded CIA rival - The Pond. If Havens survives as both protector and punisher, will his soul be among the body count? Few will find safe haven amidst those seeking revenge and refuge within the twisted wreckage of covert eliminations and set-ups.

Enthusiasts of military thrillers and espionage conspiracies from the likes of Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Lee Child will enjoy this authentic dark ride, lauded by best-selling authors Dalton Fury, Mark Greaney, and Kevin Maurer. The novel was written by former discrete operations intelligence adviser, "J.T. Patten" who brings an insider's view and voice that those in the know will recognize, and outsiders will appreciate a rare glimpse to a world that few know exists.

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